Little Dog

Five years after quitting a match, boxer Tommy "Little Dog" Ross begins a quest for redemption.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Joel Thomas Hynes

Country: Canada

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 6.1

Season 1 - Little Dog
"Former pro boxer Tommy \u201cLittle Dog\u201d Ross is living a life of general self-destruction when an old rival challenges him to a rematch."
"Having accepted the rematch with his old rival Rico \u201cHavoc\u201d St. George in a moment of bravado, Tommy soon realizes there\u2019s no way out."
"Tommy tries to get his old job back at Devereaux\u2019s Seafood Empire, but when it doesn\u2019t go quite as planned, an offer from his dad\u2019s old crony grows more appealing."
"Tommy and Vaani\u2019s pasts come back to haunt them when they both receive visits from former flames."
"Things are going surprisingly well for Tommy in jail until his bail is posted and he\u2019s put under Sylvia\u2019s sharp-eyed surety."
"Pamela catches Rico at one of Ginny\u2019s seminars, and everyone attends the official weigh-in."
"With Tucker pressuring Tommy to throw the fight, his family preoccupied and his father still in jail, Tommy is on his own to decide whether or not he\u2019ll fight to win."
Season 2 - Little Dog
"After winning the fight he was supposed to throw, Tommy goes on the run."
"Tommy tries to convince Pamela that he can be a good father and provider while Ginny tries to convince everyone to get out of her house. Chesley wants to uncover the truth about his own father."
"Tommy's first fight of the season interrupts his bonding time with Cassius. Tucker and Smallwood learn they have an unexpected connection."
"Tommy is devastated over the death of Big Turk and wants to make amends. Sylvia and Lowly Jr. look for new housing as Ginny tries to talk her way into the Smallwood money."
"Tommy shamefully takes on a string of sub-par fighters in an effort to up his stats and land a promotion deal with Smallwood. Sylvia makes a surprising decision."
"Ginny runs a special family seminar but Chesley breaks up the party with a potential father in tow."
"Tommy is mourning the life he could have had and allows himself to be talked into an epic revenge match with L'il Turk orchestrated by Tucker and Smallwood. Sylvia and Devereaux have a falling out."
"The big fight between Little Dog and L'il Turk has arrived but all is not going according to plan. The family tries to cover up Devereaux's mysterious departure."